Garage man cave DIY makeover DONE! – new wall cabinet, storage bins, power strip, LED light

So, this wall cabinet I bought off of ebay came in last night…a day early from FedEx. So shout out to them And I got started putting it together. Here it is on eBay It is not a Craftsman This thing was packed so well, oh my goodness. And the directions were really, really easy …putting everything together. It’s solid steel even the doors here are steel. I do have to say this thing went together pretty good. It’s an UltraHD by Seville (It) has adjustable shelves which I honestly I didn’t know that it did. Here’s the backside It weighs about 44 lbs. And this morning, I got the town putting up the wall brackets And I used the included hardware I made sure was level. I was just a pinch off…but, not bad And here is something I did for the LED dimmable lights. I put on NEO magnets…superglued them on last night Just stuck it on the underside there. It turned out good, and I found these Craftsman stickers on eBay for about $each and took off the UltraHD Seville Classics badge…just used a little heat They came off just fine.

And I did trim the sides of that Craftsman sticker so the white isn’t showing. Here’s what it looks like All done! All right now let’s talk a little bit about what I’ve been doing here for the past couple of weeks. I had to shift all these stands down. And I also fixed that cabinet there painted the legs, chopped off a couple legs, so the lawnmower would fit And check this out. I also made a little roll-around dolly for this Sterlite bin full of wires Out of a lot of scrap wood that I had from the old workbench table. I also made some shelves off that old table for this, you know, shelving system here That really worked out good, too Alright let me show you the backside of all this.

I ended up getting a couple more of those blue storage bins and organized my benchstock And I also picked up this 12 outlet power strip and wired it into that outlet there had to use some wood brackets on the backside because it didn’t line up with the studs. It actually turned out good, and then I just painted them There’s a laptop there in the corner with the speaker Here’s my shop light magnifying glass with ‘Lil and Big Larry lights up there I also found this sheet of aluminum at Lowe’s for about $25 and as you know of course It was 24 by 24″ and fit perfectly right there looks like I cleared the ProTran transfer panel by about an inch thank goodness Those doors are really, really solid you know I didn’t think you know for a Chinese made deal would be this good and actually it is just Just follow the directions putting it together, it’s magnetic Shuts really nice, even, and straight Nice and level.

I want to show you well, there’s a Craftsman. See how I trimmed the sides there? Now, it’s looks a little bit better And let’s get down here. I want to show you the LED lights that are held up with NEO magnets These are dimmable lamps too Yank it down here And what I did last night was superglued. It’s already metallic, but I superglued it anyway on there So it just schmacks up there. And you can also put the light off to the side too if you want to do that. But those LED lights do not get hot. I had incandescent in there for a long time and I mean it was hot.

These LEDs are great Hey, thanks for watching. I’m gonna wrap this video up Well, this area has come a long way in 12-years. We’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching guys *music* Leave a comment BELOW! .

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